Foreign trade website service provider How to build a Google foreign trade website

How to create a Google-friendly foreign trade website

The purpose of most businesses to carry out foreign trade b2b website construction is to be able to obtain more effective inquiries and orders, which cannot be achieved by a simple display website. So, how to build a foreign trade website to help promote and obtain more inquiries? Below, Yuncheng Network provides a simple answer for businesses.

1. Website loading speed

The loading speed of the website is the first step to retaining customers. Ways to improve loading speed include purchasing stable servers abroad, avoiding adding Flash animations as much as possible (which have no practical use and will also affect user experience), minimizing the number of images on the website, compressing images to improve website speed.

2. Professional website design

The professionalism of foreign trade website design is not based on the more design elements used, the better. On the contrary, in order to cater to the aesthetic habits of foreign customers who prefer simple styles, the website should be kept simple and atmospheric in design, with key content highlighted, appropriate white space, and can better win the favor of foreign customers. Moreover, when designing a website, do not blindly imitate the competitor’s website. On the one hand, it will cause user aesthetic fatigue, and on the other hand, many domestic website designs are not professional, so you can browse more local websites in foreign markets for inspiration.

3. Clear message system

The website needs to include a simple and clear message box, and also display various contact information of the company, allowing users to communicate with the company more conveniently. In a timely manner, respond to the messages left in the mailbox and website background to seize business opportunities. If the company adds an online contact window to the website, there needs to be someone on duty to respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner to avoid customer loss.

4. Optimized tags

If a business wants to gain customers through a foreign trade website, they need to do Google SEO, and if the website does not even have basic optimized tags, then when the business wants to do natural rankings, they will need to change or rebuild the website, and all the previous efforts will be in vain. Therefore, basic optimized tags are needed, such as title tags that can be edited on each page, description tags, keyword tags, h1 tags, Alt tags, etc.

5. URL

In order to facilitate recognition and inclusion by Google, it is recommended to avoid using dynamic URLs. URLs should be as short and easy to remember as possible, and should have clear meanings. It is generally recommended to include keywords, which can help with website optimization and ranking.

6. Website structure and content

The website structure should be clear and simple, making it easy for users to browse and for Google spiders to crawl. The website’s content must first meet Google’s basic inclusion requirements by being original. Secondly, it should be valuable to users in order to improve the website’s conversion rate. For example, what kind of content do users want to see, what problems do they want to solve when entering the website, how to present this content through the website, and how to stimulate users’ purchasing and inquiry behaviors. The layout of the content should be logically clear, and the language should be easy to understand, making it easy for users to read and comprehend.

These are the suggestions from Yuncheng Network regarding the construction of foreign trade B2B websites. We hope it is helpful for enterprises. In order to allow enterprises to view the website’s effect more intuitively, foreign trade websites should also have an intelligent analysis system that can monitor website traffic, user behavior, and other data in real time.

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