Foreign trade website SEO (How to build and promote Google foreign trade websites)

How to optimize and market foreign trade websites on Google

Recently, many companies have been consulting about the difference between marketing-oriented foreign trade website building and ordinary website building, and how to build a foreign trade website that is conducive to marketing. In fact, if you want a foreign trade website to attract more customers, you need a good layout and high website conversion. So how to do this specifically? Yun Cheng Network will introduce it in detail below.

1. Use overseas servers

The opening speed of a foreign trade website is closely related to the use of the website server. However, general companies ignore the use of servers if the website speed is not slow when opened domestically. But if a domestic server is used, foreign customers will need a long loading time when opening the website, and the slow opening speed of the website will also affect Google’s crawl of the website, which is unfavorable for retaining customers and website promotion. Therefore, companies are advised to choose stable overseas servers and not to save costs excessively on servers. Because the stability and security of the server have a critical impact on the website.

2. The homepage of the foreign trade website should contain marketing elements

The homepage of a foreign trade website is the first page that most users open after entering the website. Companies need to let users directly see the selling points of the company and products, without adding unnecessary Flash animations, which have no effect on conversion and will also affect the website’s opening speed. The important content of the homepage should be placed upfront, and the homepage content should be as rich as possible so that users can obtain the information they want to know. Only in this way can customers be retained and conversion promoted.

3. Website staticization

The URLs of foreign trade websites should be staticized or pseudo-staticized, and web pages should be presented with an htm or html ending. This is conducive to Google spiders crawling the page and is more conducive to Google ranking. At the same time, a site map needs to be added to the website, and the map needs to be updated regularly to help Google crawl all the pages of the website.

4. Creating an English website is more professional

For companies that mainly engage in foreign trade, creating an English website is more meaningful than creating a bilingual website. If the company wants to create a Chinese website as well, it is recommended that the English website be the primary domain and the Chinese website be the subdomain. The design should also reference foreign website designs and cater to the aesthetic preferences of foreign customers. Of course, if the company’s main market involves websites in smaller languages, then targeted websites in those languages can be built.

5. Adding product descriptions

Many companies include a lot of images in their product details when creating foreign trade websites, following the practice of Alibaba International. However, this not only increases the loading time of the website, but Google is also unable to recognize images. Therefore, appropriate images should be selected and suitable Alt tags added to the images. At the same time, the text content of the product page should be enriched. In addition to basic product parameters, product selling points, advantages, and other aspects can be elaborated to increase the readability of the page and to incorporate keywords in a reasonable manner.

Creating a foreign trade website is not a simple matter. Making the website meet marketing requirements is even more complex. Therefore, it is recommended that companies find a professional foreign trade website development company to do it. Professionals should do professional work for the best results!

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