What are the important steps that cannot be missed when promoting website building on Google?

Important steps for promoting website building on Google?

Foreign Trade Website Construction has become a must for enterprises doing foreign trade due to its advantages such as low cost, high customer retention rate, and high order amount. However, building a foreign trade website that can help enterprises receive orders is not an easy task. If the details of website construction are not handled well, it is easy to end up with a website that no one visits. So, what should we pay attention to when building a professional foreign trade website? Below, Yun Cheng Network will introduce in detail.

First, the necessity of a independent foreign trade website. Firstly, the display of company strength and professionalism. Whether it is at a trade fair or on Alibaba International Station, after customers first come into contact with the company’s information, they will search for the company’s specific situation through Google. At this time, if the company has its own independent foreign trade website to comprehensively display its own company and products, it is an added advantage. In addition, platforms such as Alibaba International Station have many rules and regulations. With a little carelessness, products may be taken down, shops may be penalized, or even closed. However, there are not so many rules and restrictions for foreign trade website enterprises, and the flexibility is higher. Moreover, the cost of an independent website is lower. For about 10,000 yuan, a very professional marketing website can be built, and the renewal fee for the second year is only a few thousand yuan, while the annual entry fee for B2B platforms starts at 20,000 yuan.

Second, preparation work for foreign trade website construction. Building a foreign trade website is not a random idea, and enterprises need to do a lot of preparation. For example, the positioning of the website needs to be clear, including market conditions, target customer preferences, and what goals the website wants to achieve. Only with a clear understanding of these can you know what kind of foreign trade website you need to build. Secondly, choose a good domain name. The domain name should be simple and easy to remember, which is conducive to later promotion and publicity. Generally, a .com domain name is recommended. The domain name can be purchased by yourself or a website construction company can be commissioned to buy it, and the cost is about the same.

III. Overseas Server

If you want to create a foreign trade website with customer acquisition functions, you need to consider the promotion factors in the later stage. Regardless of the method that the enterprise uses for promotion, the opening speed of the foreign trade website needs to be guaranteed, otherwise it will lead to customer loss. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a safe and reliable overseas server that can ensure the opening speed in foreign countries and have strong after-sales technical support to solve problems at any time.

IV. Clear Website Layout

The overall structure and layout of the website are also very critical. An overly complex website structure will confuse users and make it difficult for them to find the target information, which in turn leads them to leave the website. Therefore, the website structure should be clear, with a reasonable hierarchy, logical reasoning, easy navigation and user-friendly information search. Such a website is also more in line with Google’s preferences and can be quickly included by Google, which is very helpful for ranking improvement.

V. Choosing the Right Website Construction Company

If the enterprise understands programming, it can build the website by themselves. However, most enterprises do not have such professional talent, so they can consider finding a website construction company to do it, such as Yuncheng Network. With ten years of experience in foreign trade website construction and promotion, they have a professional website construction and design team that can help enterprises build websites that meet the aesthetic standards of foreign customers and are more likely to obtain Google SEO rankings.

Foreign Trade B2B Website Construction is the first step for enterprises to create private domain traffic. Only by understanding the importance of foreign trade websites and the preparatory work that needs to be done in the early stage can the website construction work of the enterprise be smoother.

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