At what stage does an independent website need to do SEO?

Independent websites need SEO at what stage?

In short, no matter at which stage an independent website is in, whether it provides products or services, whether it is B2B or B2C, as long as it targets overseas markets, Google SEO is the most important way to acquire customers, without exception:

If it is an independent website in the start-up period, before having stable online traffic, it needs to greatly improve the visibility of the website. Google is the best natural exposure channel. When the ranking of pages related to products or brands is on the homepage, it not only increases the exposure of the website, but also brings in more potential customers.

Since SEO determines the website ranking through search algorithms, as long as there is continuous management and high-quality content output, the trust of Google can be accumulated continuously, thus indexing more pages and obtaining more natural traffic. With the accumulation of SEO, the marginal cost of investment will be lower and the return on investment will be higher!

If the overseas business has entered the brand stage, SEO can complement other marketing channels and further occupy the user’s mind. Just imagine that when consumers search for new products or related information, they can always see your website appearing in the top few of the search engine results page. The brand can naturally leave a deep impression in the minds of consumers. When it comes to a certain product, consumers can think of your brand first, and you will have valuable brand assets!

Another benefit is that no matter at which stage, through SEO, products or services will win Google’s endorsement, thus significantly enhancing your authority in the industry. Both B2B customers and B2C consumers tend to click on and trust websites that rank high in search results. Therefore, Google SEO is very important. The benefits are not only exposure and traffic, but also the authoritative endorsement and trust from search engines! This has a very obvious effect on reducing B2B customer acquisition costs, communication costs, shortening the cycle of closing deals, improving the conversion rate, maintaining the loyalty of offline accumulated old customers, and reducing customer relationship maintenance costs.

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