Why are more and more people starting to do independent foreign trade websites?

Why the increase in independent foreign trade websites?

In recent years, small partners engaged in foreign trade have discovered that the traffic dividend of third-party e-commerce platforms is gradually disappearing. The platform fees have increased, but the quality of traffic introduced is not satisfactory. Independent foreign trade websites have become a new traffic growth channel for small and medium-sized sellers under the three trends of socialization, mobilization, and content marketing.

In the Web2.0 era, the global market is becoming increasingly dependent on digital networks, and more and more overseas customers will search and place orders online. Therefore, the official website of the enterprise has become the first window for customers to contact products.

At the same time, the advantages of fully self-controlled operation mode, continuously stable traffic after optimization, secondary data development capabilities, and strong support for brand building make more and more foreign trade people and foreign trade enterprises shift from platform operation to independent website operation.

Compared with B2B platforms, if the operation of independent foreign trade websites is good, it can obtain the maximum product traffic opportunity with the lowest cost investment. If the main goal is to do retail and sell products, then the B2B platform is undoubtedly a good choice, and the platform will provide stable traffic, and the transaction cycle will be relatively fast.

However, if the company’s goal is long-term development and good brand building, then establishing its own official website, layout of SEO and webpage content, will be an investment that will bring long-term benefits. This is why more and more people are starting to do independent foreign trade websites.

It is important to understand that website construction may not be difficult, but Google SEO is a systematic, integrated, and long-term work that requires the cooperation of multiple departments, including on-site optimization, off-site optimization, and other aspects, requiring a lot of time and energy investment.

This is the biggest difficulty in operating independent foreign trade websites. The website is built, the product is updated, and the content quality is guaranteed, but there is no traffic, what should be done?

If you have sufficient time and energy, it is recommended that you can adjust while practicing, and accept that initial optimization and promotion may not have obvious effects, but after accumulating a certain amount of traffic in the later stage, it will achieve a qualitative leap and maintain stability. This process is bound to be long-term, but as long as it is operated properly, the results will not be too bad.

If your time and energy are limited and you hope to get results quickly, it is recommended that you can find a professional website development and SEO optimization company to help you achieve it. Each profession has its own focus, and a professional overseas digital marketing company has many years of optimization and promotion experience, an excellent team, and a perfect workflow. They will provide one-stop services tailored to the individual needs of each enterprise, formulate the best optimization and promotion strategies, and ensure that enterprises obtain the highest conversion with the lowest investment.

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