Shopify announces Entrepreneur Index! Created €32 billion in sales in Spain!

Shopify announces Entrepreneur Index and reports €32 billion sales in Spain

BusinessDialogue has learned that Canadian platform Shopify has just released its new entrepreneurship index – “Shopify Entrepreneurship Index” – with the aim of understanding the impact of platform entrepreneurs on the national economies of 40 countries. According to this study, Shopify stores in Spain generated €3.2 billion in commercial activity in 2022, contributed €1.5 billion to GDP, and achieved €429.8 million in exports, ranking Spain 11th in the world in the index.

This work was carried out in collaboration with the international professional services network Deloitte, using data from millions of entrepreneurs in the Shopify ecosystem and supplemented by economic modeling using data from the International Monetary Fund, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, and the World Bank. To create the ranking, the impact of these entrepreneurs on GDP, commercial activity, favorable employment, and exports was compared to the national value of each country or state.

Spain’s Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Has Grown Fivefold in the Past Eight Years

César Tello, general manager of Adigital, guarantees that Spain’s entrepreneurship ecosystem has increased fivefold since 2015: “Our country has more than 450 large-scale enterprises and 14 unicorn enterprises, and the multiplier effect has created more than 540,000 enterprise jobs and new start-ups. Spain can rank among the group of leading European countries in new technology models, leaving a humanistic imprint and allowing technology to serve social welfare.”

On the other hand, Tello stated that the digital economy accounted for 22.6% of GDP in 2022 and, with joint efforts, could reach 40% by 2030. The main economies of the European Union are moving in the right direction to leverage their influence and become a hub,” he said.

The United States Leads in Positive Economic Impact

Overall, the report indicates that Shopify merchants contributed a total of 5.2 million jobs and generated $490.5 billion (slightly higher than 450 billion euros) in commercial activity during the period of 2022, contributing $229.3 billion (approximately 211 billion euros) to GDP and generating export value of $27.7 billion (nearly 25 billion euros).

As for the United States itself, it is in a leading position in the index, with a total of 11% increase in supported jobs (which refers to the indirect jobs generated by economic activity from Shopify merchants).

Regarding Europe, the report shows that despite the uncertain macroeconomic environment and the conflict in Ukraine, entrepreneurial spirit is more active than ever. In this sense, 10 European countries are among the top 20 countries in the index, with 3 Eastern European countries in the top 5: Lithuania (2nd place), Romania (3rd place), and the Czech Republic (5th place).

Lithuania’s second place reflects the country’s investment in financial education, entrepreneurial spirit, and new technologies to maintain its competitiveness. As for Romania, the rapid growth in e-commerce is due to the country’s ongoing digital transformation.

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