Shoptop has launched a limited-time promotion plugin, with four major advantages to help independent websites increase sales

Shoptop launched a promotion plugin to help websites boost sales It has four advantages and is only available for a limited time

“Why is the abandonment rate of independent websites getting higher and higher? Customers clearly add items to their cart but do not complete the purchase. Our payment process is not complicated, and the shipping fee is not high. What’s the problem?”

Maggie, the operator of a women’s clothing independent website, shared her difficulties.

I believe many sellers have similar troubles as Maggie. They spend a lot of time and energy on website building, product selection, and traffic generation, but eventually fail due to high abandonment rates. In fact, there are many reasons for the abandonment of independent websites, but in summary, it is due to the lack of urgency in customers’ shopping experience.

So, how can we create a sense of urgency in shopping? Shoptop has launched the “Limited Time Promotion” plugin to help sellers create a promotional atmosphere and quickly improve the transaction conversion rate of independent websites.


Shoptop “Limited Time Promotion” Plugin

With the “Limited Time Promotion” plugin, independent website merchants can set up limited-time promotions for specified products. During the specific activity period, customers can enjoy fixed discounts, fixed price reductions, and fixed prices to create a sense of urgency in the shopping experience on the independent website. This encourages customers to place orders and helps sellers quickly increase sales and conversions in a short period of time.

4 Advantages of Shoptop “Limited Time Promotion” Plugin:

1. Multiple forms of discounts are available for selection.

By using the Shoptop “Limited Time Promotion” plugin, merchants can choose from multiple forms of discounts:

Fixed discount, which is a fixed percentage off the original price;

Fixed price reduction, which is a fixed amount off the original price;

Fixed price, which is a price fixed below the original price.

Various forms of discounts are available to allow merchants to choose suitable promotion methods based on their actual store situation.

2. “Limited time and quantity” stimulate orders

The Shoptop “Limited Time Promotion” plugin can simultaneously set “Limited Time and Quantity”.

The activity time can be set accurately to “hour-minute-second”, and the “countdown” style can be set to imply to customers that “missing means losing”.

The quantity limit setting can encourage customers who are hesitant to place an order immediately by using the “scarcity effect”.

3. Intuitively display the popularity of the product

After using the Shoptop “Limited Time Promotion” plugin, the product details page will intuitively display the “hot selling progress bar”. The growth of the progress bar and the percentage of items sold create a hot selling atmosphere and sense of urgency.

4. Create a promotional atmosphere through color

In Western culture, red usually means excitement, impulse, tension, and danger.

The Shoptop “Limited Time Promotion” plugin’s “hot selling progress bar” and “coupon” styles use a passionate and fiery red-orange as the main color, using color marketing to promote a sense of urgency and stimulate customers’ shopping enthusiasm and impulse.

At the same time, merchants can also adjust the color according to the style of their independent website.


The role of independent website “Limited Time Promotion”

1. Reduce abandonment rate and increase conversion rate

Unlike platform-based shopping, customers shopping on independent websites are not easy to compare prices and are susceptible to impulse shopping. Therefore, limited-time special promotions have a natural advantage on independent websites. “Limited Time Promotion” reduces the customer’s purchase cost, can effectively help merchants reduce abandonment rates, increase conversion rates, and thus promote the overall sales of the independent website.

2. Boost traffic and attract new customers

Using the “limited-time promotion” marketing method during festivals, inventory clearance, and other occasions can attract more consumers. In combination with “free shipping”, “buy one get one free”, “buy more get more” and other strategies, it can effectively motivate new users to place orders, which is a very direct way to increase traffic.

3. Increase the average order value

The combination of limited-time promotion, “buy more get discount” and bundle sales strategies can stimulate consumers to purchase more products through combined orders, thus helping independent sites increase their average order value.

4. Improve user activity

The combination of limited-time promotions and SMS/email marketing strategies can help independent sites awaken “sleeping” users, improve user activity and brand loyalty.


Steps and Instructions

1. Log in to the Shoptop background, click “Marketing Promotion-Limited Time Promotion-New Activity”

2. Set up activity basic information and purchase limit rules

(1) Activity name

Can be edited directly.

(2) Activity time

Can be accurate to “hour-minute-second” to achieve the purpose of limited time and stimulate customer purchase impulse.

(3) Activity type

Options include fixed discount, fixed price reduction, and fixed price.

Fixed discount: fixed percentage off on the original price. Fixed price reduction: fixed amount of reduction on the original price. Fixed price: directly fixed at a price lower than the original price.

(4) Purchase limit rules

No limit: If the merchant does not want to limit the number of promotional products that each customer can buy, this option can be selected.

Limit one purchase per person per item: You can set a limit on the number of items each customer can buy for each item in the promotion, limiting the number of items each customer can buy according to email. For example, setting a limit of one purchase per person per item will allow each customer to buy one item per promotional price.

Each person can only purchase a limited quantity per activity: You can set a total quantity limit for each customer to purchase activity products within the activity, and limit the purchase quantity for each customer according to their email address. For example, setting a limit of 1 purchase per person per activity will only allow each customer to purchase 1 activity product at the promotional price.

If the purchase quantity exceeds the limit, the customer can continue to purchase at the regular price: If “purchase at the regular price after exceeding the limit” is not allowed, the customer will not be able to continue purchasing activity products after exceeding the purchase limit until the end of the activity. If “purchase at the regular price after exceeding the limit” is allowed, all products purchased by the customer after exceeding the limit will be priced at the regular price. For example, if each customer is limited to purchasing 5 items per activity and “purchase at the regular price after exceeding the limit” is allowed, if the customer currently purchases 5 items, they will be settled at the promotional price; if the customer currently purchases 6 items, all 6 items will be settled at the regular price.

3. After adding products, batch operations can be performed on products:

(1) Merchants can modify the discounts, sales volume, and remaining inventory of the entire product in the first column of the product.

(2) Check multiple SKUs on the left to batch modify data for multiple SKUs.

(3) Directly modify the data in the SKU to modify the data in a single SKU.

Note: Sales volume and remaining inventory are mainly used to display the “hot selling progress bar” on the store front end. Progress bar progress = sales volume / (sales volume + remaining inventory) * 100%.

4. Enter “page settings”:

(1) Activity landing page settings

You can set the activity poster, activity banner, countdown style, etc. for PC and mobile devices.

(2) Product detail page settings

You can set the details page banner, countdown, progress bar style, etc. for activity products.

5. After all settings are completed, save to create the activity.

In the background, time-limited promotion activities can be edited, viewed, and stopped.

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