Brand Building Plan Several Ways to Obtain External Traffic for Independent Websites

Ways to Get Traffic for Individual Websites in Brand Building Plan

Summary: “In the fiercely competitive market for cross-border sellers, using effective methods to attract traffic to independent websites and establish their own brand can continuously attract and obtain more external traffic to help the website stand out.”

In the fiercely competitive market for cross-border sellers, it is important to stand out. The advantage of an independent website is the ability to independently control the brand image and sales channels. However, to truly succeed, it is necessary to continuously attract and obtain more external traffic, and convey the brand value of the independent website to a broader audience.

1. Reliable Channels and Models

(1) Based on the brand or product itself

The merchant itself


Create brand effects:

Clarify the core value and positioning of the brand. Based on the target market, target customers, and the unique aspects of the product or service, determine the goals, mission, and values of the brand, as well as how to differentiate from competitors in the market. At the same time, establish brand identity and visual recognition, and design a distinctive brand logo to ensure that these elements are consistent with the brand positioning and values, and are used consistently in all brand assets and marketing materials.


Content marketing:

Creating high-quality content is crucial for attracting and retaining users. By providing valuable information and content through independent website blogs, press releases, tutorials, user cases and other forms, it can increase users’ attention and interest in the brand.


Cooperative promotion:

Cooperating with brands and bloggers in related industries is an effective way to obtain external traffic. By establishing cooperative relationships with them, jointly holding promotional activities, cross-platform cooperation or exchanging advertising space, the brand can get more exposure. This cooperation can also expand the brand’s visibility and attract more target audiences to visit.


Cooperation with cross-border e-commerce platforms:

Cooperating with well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc., can use their huge user base and traffic to obtain external traffic. By displaying and selling products on these platforms, it can enhance the brand’s visibility and credibility. Providing high-quality products and services on the platform, actively responding to user needs and feedback, will help attract more users to move to independent websites.


Based on External Platform Structure

External Platforms


Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engines are the preferred tool for many users to find products and information. Reliable methods to improve the SEO effect of independent stations include keyword research, website structure optimization, quality content creation, and internal link construction, which can improve the ranking of independent stations in the relevant results of search engines and help increase external traffic. At the same time, content marketing and link construction related to the industry are also important ways to increase external traffic.


Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms are important channels for interacting with potential customers. By creating and maintaining professional social media accounts, you can share content about products, brand stories, and industry trends. Interact with users, answer questions, provide professional opinions, and attract more users to visit independent stations. In addition, industry-related social media groups and forums are also good ways to establish contact with potential customers and obtain external traffic.


Influence Marketing:

Using influential figures in the industry for influence marketing is an important strategy for obtaining external traffic. Cooperating with influential KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) or industry experts can increase brand exposure and trust through their recommendations and evaluations. Cooperating with KOL to hold events, publish cooperative content, or invite them to become brand ambassadors can also attract more targeted audiences’ attention.

To successfully obtain external traffic, the key lies in persevering in executing marketing strategies, engaging effectively with users, and providing high-quality products and services. Through continuous improvement and innovation, a website will be able to attract more external traffic, establish a solid brand position, and achieve sustained growth and success as an independent website.


Advertising Strategy

In addition to the above methods of attracting traffic, other market promotion channels can also be explored, such as advertising placement. Choose suitable promotion methods based on brand positioning and target audience, and carry out continuous monitoring and optimization. The following are several advertising placement channels that can be used to increase brand exposure and obtain external traffic:

Advertising Placement


Search engine advertising:

By purchasing keyword advertising on search engines, the independent website can be placed at the top or sidebar position of relevant search results. This allows potential customers to directly see the independent website’s advertisement when searching for keywords and click to enter the independent website.


Social media advertising:

Buy advertising space on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Social media advertising can be targeted based on user interests, geographic location, gender, etc. to ensure that the advertisement targets the intended audience and increases external traffic.


Media advertising:

By purchasing media advertising space, the advertisement can be displayed on online media relevant to the target audience. These media can be industry websites, blogs, news websites, etc. Choose media related to the product or brand to attract more potential customers through advertising placement.


Cross-border e-commerce platform advertising:

If products are already sold on well-known cross-border e-commerce platforms, consider purchasing advertising space on platforms such as Amazon advertising, eBay advertising, etc. These platforms have a large amount of user traffic and shoppers, and displaying advertisements on the platform can attract more target customers to the independent website.


Cooperation and sponsorship:

Cooperate and sponsor with related industry associations, exhibitions, or events to promote the brand and independent website through sponsored publicity channels. During the event, the brand and advertisement will receive more exposure and convert more potential customers.

When choosing advertising channels, you need to evaluate and select based on target audience, budget, and brand positioning. At the same time, when placing advertisements, attention should be paid to the attraction of the advertising content, targeting settings, and effect tracking to ensure the effectiveness and return of the advertising placement.

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