Analysis of Excellent Case Studies of Independent Websites What Makes NordicTrack Stand Out as a Fitness Equipment Brand?

What makes NordicTrack stand out as a fitness equipment brand in excellent independent website case studies?

According to data from GlobalMarketInsights, the global fitness equipment market is expected to exceed $25 billion by 2027. The pandemic has led to a significant increase in people’s health awareness and enthusiasm for fitness, and the United States, as one of the largest fitness equipment markets in the world, is expected to reach $4.4 trillion.

The global home and fitness market is exploding with new potential business opportunities. So how can independent sellers seize this trend? The fitness equipment brand NordicTrack that we’re going to analyze next may provide some inspiration. User Profile Analysis

The NordicTrack official website gives the impression of being passionate and powerful, but there is no obvious gender difference in the website design. At the same time, the overall pictures on the NordicTrack official website mainly feature young men and women in sports, from which we can roughly infer that their main target audience is young people aged 20 to 30.

According to similarweb data, male users of NordicTrack account for 58.82% and female users account for 41.18%, with no significant difference. The age distribution is mainly between 25 and 44 years old, which confirms our previous guess.

For independent sellers, judging the main target audience of competitors is also about positioning their own target group. Only with a clear enough target can sellers develop more accurate marketing strategies.

Operation Strategy Analysis

According to similarweb data, NordicTrack’s traffic mainly comes from natural search traffic (35.94%), direct visit traffic (27.33%), and display advertising (15.90%).

NordicTrack’s natural search traffic accounts for more than 1/3, indicating that their SEO optimization strategy is relatively successful. So, how did they do it?

Keyword selection: According to the analysis results of ahrefs, NordicTrack has a total of 5491 natural search keywords in the top 10 rankings, which is a considerable number. The keywords that bring the most traffic to NordicTrack are mainly related to the brand and iFlT (NordicTrack’s fitness app). These keywords are easy to rank because of low competition and difficulty.

For independent sellers, if their competitors have a certain level of popularity and high brand keyword traffic, they can consider running ads targeting their competitors’ brand keywords. This approach has low costs and can also capture some of their competitors’ traffic.

Backlinks: According to the ahrefs analysis results, NordicTrack has been linked to by search engines (Dofollow) 10,461 times, which is also a considerable number, with a high score. NordicTrack’s backlinks are mainly from health information websites, relevant professional review websites, and magazine websites.

These websites have a considerable amount of traffic, and their visitor demographics overlap with the potential audience for fitness equipment, making their benefits significant. When searching for backlink websites, sellers can also explore these directions.

Conversion rate analysis

To increase conversion rates, building trust is the most fundamental and important step. No one wants to buy products from a website that they don’t trust. So, what makes NordicTrack stand out in building trust?

Extended Return Period: For consumers, online shopping is like opening a blind box to some extent. Before receiving the product, they cannot confirm its quality. Therefore, most consumers prioritize the issue of returns when making decisions. Compared with other brands, NordicTrack offers a relatively long return period of 30 days, while other brands generally have a period of 7-14 days. This provides consumers with more secure after-sales protection.

Free Video Consultation: Choosing fitness equipment is actually a more professional matter. Many consumers, especially beginners, often face the problem of not knowing how to choose. In addition to online customer service, NordicTrack also provides personalized video consultation services with experts one-on-one. This not only can solve consumers’ doubts, but also guide their behavior. Personalized advice from professionals can often gain higher trust from consumers.

Trust Endorsement: Industry influencers often gain higher trust from consumers. NordicTrack not only invites a large number of athletes, personal trainers, etc. as course creators, but also displays them in a special column and marks their favorite NordicTrack product.

User Operations Analysis: For an independent site, old customers are very important because they not only have lower conversion costs, but also have higher repurchase unit prices. NordicTrack’s direct access traffic accounts for 27.33%. It can be seen that it has many old customers. So, what efforts has NordicTrack made in user operations?

Fitness App: Bringing value beyond the product to consumers is one of the best strategies to improve user stickiness. The use of fitness equipment and the development of fitness plans are also relatively professional matters. Therefore, NordicTrack has also launched a fitness app, which can be used for 30 days for free when purchasing a product.

Combining fitness equipment with professional courses not only solves the biggest problem faced by consumers after purchasing products, providing more value and thus increasing the product’s replacement cost, but also helps cultivate user fitness habits and increase the likelihood of subsequent purchases by consumers.

In addition, the 30-day free trial not only enhances the advantages of the product but also promotes the APP and increases the number of subscribers. Currently, the number of exercise comments on the APP has reached 1.3 million, indicating that its user base is very considerable. The expansion of the app’s popularity can also bring more traffic to the website.

Finally, we can see that NordicTrack’s operational strategy is formulated from a long-term perspective. They focus on product quality, after-sales service, and user cultivation, which may be the key to their success.

If you want to learn more about the marketing techniques of NordicTrack, you can message us privately or scan the code to contact our consultant!

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