One product that is three times more expensive, why are customers more willing to buy it on an independent website?

Why do customers prefer to buy a product that is three times more expensive on an independent website?

Don’t get kidnapped by Amazon! Independent sites are the new favorite for shopping! Although Amazon is a giant in the e-commerce industry, more and more sellers are transitioning to independent sites. And on independent sites, prices can double and still sell like hotcakes!

For example, this is a cat comb. It sells for $9 to $15 on Amazon, but on independent sites that sell similar products, it is priced at $29.9, even after discount. Imagine, with the same production cost, even if you sell 1000 units on Amazon, your profits cannot compare to independent sites because you lose out on pricing, and the platform also takes a cut, leaving you with very little profit.

So why do some people still choose to buy on independent sites when e-commerce platforms offer cheaper products?

I will tell you, there are some interesting reasons behind this.

Different shopping habits

In China, we all like to shop on platforms like Tmall, Taobao, and Pinduoduo, where everything is available.

Abroad, the situation is different. Although Amazon occupies a large share of the market, most consumers prefer to shop on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, or directly find independent sites through search engines.

In addition to the difference in purchasing platforms, the most important thing is that they place far more emphasis on brands than price factors. They value the brand value and reputation of the products or services they purchase.

According to a study, more than 70% of consumers worldwide stated that brand influence is crucial to their purchasing decision. More than 60% of consumers stated that they are willing to pay a higher price for brands that align with their values.

This largely explains why even though independent websites are more expensive, people are still willing to pay for them.

Some people say, “Can’t you build a brand on Amazon?” That’s not wrong, but when you enter Amazon, you only focus on the product itself, and you only have the impression of “I bought a product on Amazon” because you came for Amazon, not for my brand.

Different Payment Habits

When it comes to payment methods, there is a world of difference between domestic and foreign countries!

In foreign countries, most people are accustomed to using credit cards for online payments, and almost all merchants accept credit card payments. Consumers only need to carry a credit card to easily go shopping, without the need to carry a large amount of cash or other payment tools.

In addition, their credit card security system is also very sound. Credit card companies usually provide fraud protection, refund guarantees, and dispute resolution services, which provide consumers with more security in the shopping process. Payment platforms such as PayPal also provide buyer and seller protection policies, and credit card companies dare to guarantee 180-day refunds.

In addition, buyers will not easily refuse to pay because the risk control system will record each of their transactions, and credit is very important to them.

Therefore, paying on an unfamiliar website is not too risky for them. If they are cheated, they can completely solve the problem by contacting the bank and payment platform.

Price Anchors

Sometimes, consumers are attracted by the products on independent websites or by the cool things they see in advertisements, and the prices are not outrageous, so they place their orders without hesitation.

Compared to platforms like Amazon and eBay, where products are directly compared on one page, consumers have a “price anchor” in mind, which is like a benchmark, knowing roughly how much an item should cost.

For example, take this cat comb. When I searched for it on Amazon, I found that everyone was selling it for around fifteen dollars, so I might spend a maximum of $15 on it and may not consider buying any other products.

But what about in an independent website scenario? A consumer comes across a TikTok video and thinks the product is useful. They click into the website, check it’s not a scam, feel that $30 is an acceptable price, and place an order directly. There’s no third-party product comparison on the side! The pricing on independent websites is the only “price anchor.”

Service Experience

Shopping isn’t just about the price; it’s also about the product’s value and the entire shopping experience!

For example, some people prefer to buy from a physical store, even though the discounts may not be as good as online stores. Why is that? Because physical stores can provide thoughtful service, reliable after-sales support, and you can even see and touch the product, which is enjoyable.

Some independent websites also understand how to please customers. They provide personalized services, such as professional consultations, customized purchase options, and after-sales support. Just like some restaurants give you free condiments or the waiter talks to you enthusiastically, these unique services can be very attractive!

Therefore, don’t let Amazon kidnap you anymore. It’s now the era of independent website shopping! Consumers not only value the quality of the product but also the personalized service. They don’t just want to get their money’s worth; they also want the shopping process to be interesting!

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