Write this article well, and you can increase traffic without spending money Independent website operators are all using it

Write a good article and increase traffic for free, which is used by independent website operators

During holidays, independent station sellers will vigorously promote their store by placing advertisements, sending emails, and more, in order to increase sales.

However, there is a method that can bring a lot of visitors to independent stations that is often overlooked, and that is gift guides.

I believe that few of you here use gift guides when doing online marketing.

In fact, many consumers have already made a lot of strategies before the big promotions and holidays, just like our 618 and Double Eleven. Many people will search for “what is worth buying” or “which brand is good”, and this is also the case abroad.

By putting your products into gift guides, you can help more consumers discover you, especially if you have a very unique or niche product. This can bring us a certain amount of traffic and independent station income.

Today, I will share with you how to make full use of gift guides to increase store sales and traffic.

What are gift guides

Gift guides are like trendsetters who give you inspiration and purchasing advice.

Consumers will start frantically looking for gift ideas and strategies before the big promotions, and gift guides are the treasure trove that meets this demand. They are usually websites that specialize in sharing gift ideas, providing comprehensive shopping advice for different people or specific holidays, just like our strategy articles in China.

How to find gift guide websites or blogs?

Now, you may be wondering: “Where are these gift guides? How do I find them?” Don’t worry, the editor will reveal this secret to you immediately.

Firstly, in your niche market, there may exist some websites that specialize in sharing gift guides, with content very similar to your products.

You can use Google to search for keywords such as “guitar player gift guide”, “guitar player gift ideas”, “guitar Valentine’s Day gift ideas”, etc., and then replace the product, holiday, or time keywords.

Remember to use an Excel spreadsheet to record potential websites or blogs, and then you can contact the original authors to replace the products.

Before starting promotion, it is recommended to find at least 20 websites as references. Not all websites are of good quality, and we need to do some screening.

When screening these websites, we need to ensure that the website has a certain number of fans and that these fans are not zombie fans. This can be judged by the update time and interaction volume of the blog.

Even if a website only has 100 active fans, but these 100 people are interested in and paying attention to your product, it is better than finding a website with 1000 zombie fans.

Create your own shopping guide

In addition to finding other people’s shopping guides, we can also create our own shopping guides on our independent website and promote products on the independent website. These articles will enhance the ranking of the independent website on Google, and users can naturally link to your independent website for purchase when searching for keywords.

You can follow these steps to achieve this: open the custom page in the background of the independent website, then click create, and you can start writing your gift guide.

Determine the target audience: understand who your target customers are, their interests, preferences, and shopping habits. This way, you can provide appropriate gift choices more accurately.

Select high-quality products: select several of the most popular or unique products from your store that are relevant and attractive to your target audience. Ensure that these products are impressive in terms of quality, functionality, and design.

Writing an attractive description: Use humorous and colloquial language to describe the features and advantages of each product. You can use some interesting adjectives and phrases to make the description more vivid and interesting. At the same time, try to avoid overly formal and boring words and phrases, and make customers feel relaxed and happy.

Providing purchasing suggestions: Provide purchasing suggestions for each product, such as applicable scenarios, suitable objects, and reasons for giving gifts. You can use real cases or stories to demonstrate the uses and value of the product, making it easier for customers to resonate.

Sharing shopping guides: Publish your shopping guide on your website, blog, or social media platform, and make sure it is easy to access and share. At the same time, you can consider cooperating with other relevant websites or bloggers to share your shopping guide and expand the scope of publicity.

Regular updates: As time goes by, the popularity trends of products and the needs of customers will also change. Therefore, regularly update your shopping guide, add new products and descriptions to keep it fresh and attractive.

Note that the title should contain keywords that users may search for, and according to SEO optimization principles, optimize the links, meta descriptions, etc. of this article, which can help your article rank higher.

After writing, create a product album link that matches the guide and link it to the article to further improve the efficiency of using traffic!

Now, do you understand how to fully utilize gift guides to increase store sales and traffic?

From exploring potential gift guide websites to creating attractive shopping guides yourself, these methods can help you stand out in the fierce market competition. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity! Wave your magic pen and let the gift guide become your secret weapon for sales!

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